Solar Pukse is here to help you reach your goals of energy independence, carbon footprint reduction, and savings that you will see through the clean energy solution we put in place on your home or business.


Residential Solar

The decision to go solar at your home is an easy choice with Solar Systems. We will work together to find the best solar option for your family. You can choose from our Cash or Finance options. Every family’s decision to go solar has a different reason. Solar Systems understands that and will custom build your system to fit your needs.


Commercial Solar

When considering solar for your business many factors come into play. Taking control of your energy expenses will smooth the cost of running your business. Whether you are looking to take advantage of lucrative tax credits, asset depreciation, cutting costs, or simply “going green”. Solar is right for any business. There is a wide range of commercial solar options. Let us custom build a system to fit your company’s needs.


Agriculture Solar

Solar energy and agriculture work incredibly well together. Farmers work long hours, waking up before light, and often not ending their days till well after dark. Tending to crops and livestock is a 24/7 responsibility that requires huge amounts of power and electrical energy. There’s machinery to run, lights that need to stay on, crops to be harvested, and animals to be fed and cared for.


Solar Panel Installation

Regardless of your budget, system, or structural requirements, we have a solution for you that will wear well and have a fantastic warranty over the life of your panels. Because each installation is unique, our professionals carefully consider the optimum solution with you so you are well educated and informed on your purchase.


Maintenance & Support

At Solar Systems, we understand that going solar is a long-term investment. As such, you need a company that can provide you with long term care for operations and maintenance from module level data optimization, to regular servicing, repair and maintenance.